If I Stay

The book I am reading outside of my English class is If I Stay by Gayle Forman. It is about a teenage girl named Mia who is a very gifted cellist. She has everything she could ever want, a loving family, an adoring boyfriend, an amazing best friend, and an amazing career ahead of her in music. All of that changes suddenly. Mia and her family have a terrible car accident and Mia is rushed to the ICU. Mia is caught between life and death, and watches as family and friends come to visit her at the hospital she is in. Soon Mia realizes that she must make the most critical decision of her life – wake up to live a life more difficult than she ever could have imagined, or slip away and die.

When I was younger I loved to read but as I entered high school I lost interest and never had time to read. This is the first book I’ve read outside of school since 8th grade probably. I chose this book  because I watched the movie which I surprisingly liked because I am not really into those kinds of romantic movies. My sister was the one that told me it was based on a book and that there is also a sequel. The story line of the movie was confusing to me at first but it was actually pretty cool when I figured out what was going on.


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