Being alone doesn’t mean being lonely

In my English class, my teacher asked us some questions about people and their loneliness. It really made me think about it since I’m so oblivious of what goes around me. I’m usually never alone and rarely feel lonely. I didn’t think about other people who don’t have the same things as me. But some people are content with being alone. I, myself cannot stand not socializing or being with someone ALL THE TIME. Everyone is different. There are some people who are happy with being alone. Being alone doesn’t mean that you are lonely. Sometimes the happiest people are the loneliest ones. Here is a video my teacher shared with us on how to be alone:

Sometimes being alone is nice. Just to take a break from everyone and everything and focus on yourself. In the video, the poem is saying that if you are lonely to be patient and that it is fine to be alone if you embrace it. Being alone technically isn’t a bad thing. Society has created a mindset that you can’t be alone. For example, almost anywhere I go I need to have a friend with me. I mean you don’t want to be by yourself and look like you have no friends or something. I think thats how teenagers think but in reality it happens to everyone. Also, everyone thinks that life is about finding a soulmate and getting married and having kids but what if someone is just content with being by themselves? You don’t really hear about that that often. I think its so normal for everyone to think that and they don’t really try to see it from a different perspective.

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Me not being alone


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