New places

Every time I hang out with my friends we always go to the same places. Sometimes I feel like there is not much to do in the city I live in and it gets really boring. In class, my English teacher showed us a slideshow of new places we can go to eat or just hangout with friends. I enjoyed it and had a lot of interest in trying these places out. It was cool because I’ve never heard of any of these places and they were all close to where I live. That just goes to show how much there is out there that you do not know about. I think that trying new things in life is so important. Doing the same old routine every weekend gets boring and I just hate when you are at your friends and you can’t decide what to do because there is nothing really to do so you just end up doing the same thing every weekend. Trying new things can open up so many windows for you that you didn’t even know existed before. It can also widen your mindset and make you grow as a person. You can’t really grow and become experienced if you always do the same things over and over again. We are so young and I think that we get too wrapped up in technology to go out into the world and try new things. Life is really what you make of it and you should go out and adventure, take chances, and try new things. Here are some of the places my teacher mentioned:

Susie Cakes, Costa Mesa


Sabatino’s Sausage Company, Newport Beach

Alta Coffee Co., Newport Beach

Alta Coffee Co., Newport Beach


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