Don’t take life for granted

In my english class, we watched a video about a guy who had ALS. His name is Scott Lew and he was a writer. Even when he was unable to do anything because of ALS, he was still very passionate about his writing and pursuing his dreams. It was so inspiring to me because he never gave up. If I was in his position, I probably wouldn’t even want to try anymore. It made me think about all the little things I should be grateful for. Things like getting out of bed. For Scott, it took him hours just to get out of bed and get dressed. Theres so many other things I am lucky that I am able to do everyday. Every little thing does matter. Scott’s wife stayed by his side the entire time until he passed away. She did everything for him and if thats not love I don’t know what is. He also had 2 very young sons and it was really sad to think that they’d grow up without their dad. My dad means everything to me and I can’t imagine if he wasn’t a part of my life. They’ll never get to do things all kids do with their dad. One thing Scott wanted to leave for his kids was his writing, which I think is very cool. We should make the most out of our lives and always be grateful for everything. No matter how much you think your life sucks theres always a silver lining. Here is the video we watched:


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