Why do teachers give homework on weekends?

In class, we did an activity on things that make us mad. Then, we had to talk about it in front of our class. We had to say what the problem was, why people do this, and a solution. Mine was: why do teachers give homework on weekends? First of all, I don’t want to be doing homework when I just finished 5 days of doing homework. The weekend is a break from school and from my personal experience, I never do homework on weekends unless it’s an important project. I just end up doing it right before the class starts. I know that all teenagers wait until Sunday night to do their homework. Its to the point that we don’t even learn the material but we just do it to get it done. We should be enjoying our weekend instead of staying home all day and night on a Saturday because every teacher decided to give out homework on a Friday. As to why teachers do this I don’t really know. Someone please enlighten me. I don’t understand why they can’t just wait until Monday to assign it. Homework on weekends just adds more stress to us students and makes everything miserable. I don’t really think there is a solution to this. Realistically, teachers are going to assign us homework on the weekends no matter what.


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