The truth about reading

I believe that reading increases a person’s intelligence. I do not think that school really teaches students much, other than how to work hard for a class that won’t always really matter in the future. Reading teaches people more than anything else in the world. I believe this because every person I have met that is smart, reads a lot of books. Now, I am not saying that people that read books are dumb, I’m just saying the majority of smart people i know, read books very often. This is what I believe and it is mainly because of the experiences I’ve had in my life. I used to go to a private Catholic school where everyone read tons of books. Not all of them tried their hardest in school, but all of them were extremely smart. All of the students at my old school had a broad vocabulary. I mean, it was so extensive that I felt like I was constantly hearing words from an SAT Vocabulary Book all the time around these kids. They spoke with such eloquence, sometimes I felt like I wasn’t even talking to a kid! Although my experiences may be different from another persons’ past experiences, I really think that people who read books are the most intelligent. In today’s society, people might think someone is smart because of how high their GPA is, but I don’t pay attention to anyone’s GPA. I just talk to them and decide whether or not they are smart from their ability to speak and how extensive their vocabulary is, which is what people normally attain from reading books.

The article below gives more information about the benefits of reading:

all the lonely people3


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