Too dependent on technology

I really like this blog post because it goes into depth about it instead of just explaining why. I agree and disagree with this blog because although it is true that we are very addicted to social media and the internet, this blog is saying that it is not necessary a bad thing but I strongly disagree. I think that people should be less on social media and experience more in life and what it has to give us. Instead of scrolling through pictures at the beach or a majestic place you should go take time to visit that place instead of just staring at it on a blank screen. Enjoy what life has to offer you because the time we spend on our phones is countless. We could make such good use of that time. Think of all the opportunities we are missing out on in life just because we are so addicted to these device that means nothing to us in the end. I get that it helps you communicate but I think once someone spends countless hours on it, that’s something not needed. I think everyone should take a break for social media and focus on the things that really matter. Everyone is for themselves. You only stop if you choose to and realize what really matters. Sometimes when I am in public and I’m on my phone for a while then I look up and realize that the world is so much beautiful to look at in front of you rather than on a small screen.


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