15 reasons to be happy

The happiest people are the ones who practice gratitude and focus on loving life consistently. Sometimes people who have the most aren’t as happy as those who have the least. No matter what, you should live a positive lifestyle regardless of what you have or don’t have. Life is tough for everyone but the more you focus on the good stuff, the more good stuff you find. I believe that no matter how much you think that everything in your life is going wrong, theres always something going right. When you choose to be unhappy you’re just bringing yourself down and wasting time. Not only does it affect you but it affects the people around you.

Here are 15 reasons why you should be happy:

1. There will be always be someone who loves you.

2. Being unhappy is a waste of time.

3. Life could change dramatically at any moment. Don’t take things for granted.

4. Happy people are more productive.

5. Happy people have better relationships.

6. Finding reasons to be happy can benefit your future.

7. Every new day is another chance to change your life.

8. No matter how much you think your life sucks, there is always a silver lining.

9. It gives a sense of fulfillment.

10. You can make others happy.

11. This day is an opportunity to be better than yesterday.

12. You can be who you want to be right now.

13. Happiness comes from your own actions.

14. You have great friends who love you for who you are.

15. You can learn a new thing today.



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