“Life, women, life is God’s most precious gift; no principle, however glorious may justify the taking of it.” – Reverend Hale

In this case it does not have anything to do with murder. Reverend Hale is asking Elizabeth to get her husband to confess to witchcraft in order to spare his life. Hale suggests that there is no principle for suicide and believes there is nothing worth dying for. He thinks John should confess even though it is a lie. In this, Hale wants to save lives so that his own soul’s guilt can be minimized.

I related this quote to the TV show “Vampire Diaries”. This show is about the life of a girl named, Elena Gilbert who falls in love with two vampires that are brothers, Stefan and Damon Salvatore. Throughout the show there are a lot problems and its like every time they resolve one a new one pops up in its place. The reason I related this show to the quote is because the two brothers would die for the girl just to protect her. There are a lot of characters involved and they always nearly die for the person they love. It shows how much that person cares to die for someone else whether they were their significant other, a friend, or even family. You are giving up your life to let someone else live. Everyone has a different idea of to what extent they would die for something or someone. Reverend Hale thought that it wasn’t worth it for John Proctor to die but he would rather die with his pride then live a lie.


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