Every year, I make the same old resolutions. To try harder in school, be more positive, work out, etc. It goes good in the beginning but eventually I just stop trying to do those things and go back to my old ways. I think that you shouldn’t have to wait until the new year to try and change yourself for the better. You should start as soon as possible. Also one thing at a time. You can’t just have a whole list of improvements and expect yourself to be a new person as soon as the clock hits midnight. It just doesn’t happen overnight and these things take time. I think that the reason people give up so easily on their new year’s resolutions is because it might actually take a while to see the change and they want to see it right away. They feel discouraged and just give up immediately. Its not easy to get used to doing something new but you have to push yourself to do it. I am a very lazy person and I almost never want to do anything. But at the same time I always want to be doing something. So, do you see my problem here? So far, I have been keeping my word to my goals this year. I am slowly bringing up my grades and have been on top of all my homework. I have never been more organized in my life and I’m actually happy with how everything is going. If you want something bad enough there is nothing stopping you.



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